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Midweek update on the UFC Squat Challenge!!

Thank you for the great response!!

Here are things to consider when you’re undertaking your daily dose of squats!!

- Make note of how many squats you are completing without a rest. Try and increase these reps day by day till the end of the week. I will show you a new variant of the squat to try for the week every Monday!! - Maintain good form throughout!! Keep your back straight, and try to avoid allowing your knees to travel over the line where your toes are!! - Try adding weight to increase the level of difficulty. Use things around the house; books, bottles of water, maybe even a child or pet!! - Remember it’s 100 squats a day, every single day!! Keep up the good work 👊🏼🦵🏼!! Big Ed (and Phil 🐾🐈)

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