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Universal Fitness Centre Team Starts PT in Bourne

Join the Universal Fitness Centre Personal Trainers as we begin offering Gym based PT sessions from as little as £24 per session!

Starting November 2nd 2020, Personal Training sessions offer a whole host of benefits such as the following.

Decreased Risk of Injury - With a qualified Personal trainer standing by you and monitoring each rep you do, it goes without saying that you are a lot less likely to pick up nocks and niggles as a result of something as simple as poor form. With the aim to increase postural awareness and repetition tempo and range. This will mean that you're able to be in the gym more and able to get the most out of each session as a result of not nursing these pesky pains.

Breaking Through Plateaus - You've been training with the same plan, with the same weights and the same intensity for months now. There's no wonder why you're bored! It's our job as a PT to make things more interesting, more challenging and more progressive for each and everyone that we train. Smashing through tricky 'boring' patches and pushing on to achieve the next goal on the list!

Holding Clients Responsible - This might seem like a strange one, but hear me out. much like classes do, PT sessions are booked in. So unlike a normal gym session on your own where you might find yourself being the King/Queen of procrastination, sitting at home saying to yourself 'I'll get up and go an in an hour' before promptly wading through a packet of crisps and swiftly falling asleep. PT sessions keep you on the straight and narrow, you have to be there for a set time, or its letting someone down.

Increased Fat Loss - Much the same as being held accountable, people find that when training with a PT they themselves then start focusing on other aspects of their lives too. This tends to mean a cleaning up of peoples diet. Why spend money of Personal Training to then ruin it by eating terribly? you wouldn't do it! hence the weight loss seems to be a biproduct sometimes. That with the added benefit of an increased intensity of training so you burn more calories during each session.

The list of benefits is on going and plain to see. Sessions start at £30 per session with further discounts when buying blocks of 5, 10 or 15 sessions:

Block x5 - £140

Block x10 - £260

Block x15 - £360

Contact us on 01778422424 or email us at if you would like to find out more info and to book your first session.

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