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The 8 Week Transformation is a course that has been specifically designed to achieve the best possible results.

The course consists of 10 weeks in total. 2 weeks of preliminary, steady state cardio before the 8 weeks properly start.  The steady state cardio is 3 sessions a week lasting 45 minutes each time, this is to build up a decent level of base fitness so that we can go straight in when we start the 8 week 1-1 sessions.

The 8 weeks will require you come in and train at least 4 times per week (Best results achieved with 5 per week).  This is broken down into 2 times a week with an instructor, then 1 class and 1 session on your own. This can be another class or another gym session.  If you're doing 5 a week then this other session can be another class or another gym session. 

To track the results of the course, we do an initial scan on our state of the art 'Inbody Composition Scanner'.  This will then give us the means to determine how much you need to be eating throughout your time on the course. You will then have a 'Check in' scan at half way to see how the progress is going, then a final scan at the end of the course. 

Break down of what's included;

- 2 x Metabolic PT Sessions P/Wk (16 total)

- 2 x Classes P/Wk

- 1 x Solo Session P/Wk

- Start/Mid/End Point Inbody Analysis

- 24HR Group Chat Support 

- An advised diet plan along with on going nutritional guidance and support 

- Post 8 week consultation to bring the course to a close and develop a personalised training program to continue your development 

The course cost is £230 for members and £270 for non-members. This would cover you for the use of classes and the gym for the 10 week period that you are involved in the course!

Courses run 3 times per year; January/April/September - Course slots are subject to availability and get booked up fast. So book your place on a course now and choose the month you want to start. 

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